Tom Hopkins is a legend. His company, Tom Hopkins International, the builder of Sales Champions, is famous for teaching “how-to” sales strategies and tactics, (not motivational hype), to sales and marketing executives in a broad spectrum of businesses throughout the world. His books How to Master the Art of Selling and Selling for Dummies™ have sold in the millions and are used as text books in sales and marketing courses. His reputation stands for effectiveness, productivity and integrity. Through his long business experience, Tom has come to realize that for products to succeed in the marketplace, they too must have integrity and effectiveness: Accordingly, it is often the most successful product in a category that is most likely to deliver the best performance. This is why he went to the local Vista™ by LLumar® window film dealer to solve his problem with sun pouring through his home. This town home sits on the edge of the magnificent Sherwood Country Club, providing many panoramic scenes through large windows that look out on the manicured links. From a viewing point, it is idyllic year round. However, the summer views came at a price. The sun’s heat made living uncomfortable and the sun’s ultraviolet rays quickly faded home furnishings, carpeting, wood floors, and precious art pieces.


The dealer chose Vista™ by LLumar® SpectraSelect 70, a specialty solar control film that provides high light transmission and heat control to solve the problem. SpectraSelect is specifically designed to allow sunlight to shine brightly through glass to provide high visibility while blocking more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, helping protect against premature fading.* With the nearly invisible SpectraSelect film fitted on all the sun-drenched windows, solar heat entering the home is reduced by about half. This benefit was achieved without impairing the views or changing the appearance of the glass, unlike highly reflective films that can create a mirror-like surface and reduce visible light, thus darkening the interior. Finally, the window film will act as a sheath and help hold fragments in place upon impact should the glass be broken.


Tom Hopkins knew what he was doing when he called the Vista dealer – Vista window films area product of the most successful producer of custom-coated solar control and security films in the world.