Publicity professional Sophie Ryan faced a common problem the day she joined about a third of the American work force who now work at home either full or part time. Where to set up her office? A home office has become a necessary fact of life and may consist of a desk tucked away in an alcove, foyer, kitchen or bedroom or it may be housed in a spare guestroom that supports a system big enough to run a small business. Fortunately with her son moving out of the nest, Ryan had a spare bedroom in her Manhattan apartment. A room that has ample space for desks, a full range of office equipment, supplies and storage as well as a sofa bed. However the room had one big problem. It had large windows that faced East which afforded a magnificent view of the East River and Long Island. But the windows also allowed strong sunlight to pour through the glass from dawn to dusk. Apart from fading problems caused by the sun’s ultraviolet light and heat buildup, the glare made the office and computer impossible to use. During the day, the computer screen became almost unreadable and the television screen faded into obscurity. “I was at my wits end. This was the only space suitable for my work. I loved my views and I shuddered at the thought of blocking my view with blinds or draperies,” Sophie Ryan said. She went on to express how delighted she was when she read about solar control window film.


The area Vista™ by LLumar® dealer recommended and installed the virtually invisible Vista SpectraSelect window film which cuts down on glare and reflectivity while letting in just the right amount of daylight to bring the interior into bright focus. Vista SpectraSelect blocks more than 99 percent of UV rays, helping protect against premature fading* and helps reduces heat gain.


“Now I can enjoy my view while having the maximum amount of protection for my furnishings.” An added plus for the installation of window film in an office environment is that frequently glancing through a window rests the eyes and results in less computer screen fatigue. Window film, office equipment, a comfortable desk chair and pleasing décor help to create an office environment in which you feel motivated and productive. Most importantly these enlightened decorating decisions have helped to take the work out of working at home for Sophie Ryan.