Captain Jedediah Hawkins’ House in Jamesport, New York is the first Designer Show House on Long Island’s historic North Fork. Not so long ago, the house was derelict from years of neglect and faced condemnation and a wrecker’s ball. Today, thanks to interior designers Robert W. Clark and Raymond J. LeCuyer, the house is reborn. Its romantic belvedere room and covered balcony; its ornate molding and oriel windows; and its grand porches and curlicue cornice brackets all have been restored to their original splendor. Over twenty New York and Long Island interior and landscape designers contributed their talent and skills to creating the extraordinary renovation. In the course of the renovation, Robert Clark recognized that the valuable interior furnishings, vibrant colors, and extravagant fabrics that adorn the six thousand square foot mansion were in peril from the sunlight that streamed through the more than four hundred glass windows. Colors would fade, and furnishings and floors would deteriorate.


To solve the problem, Robert and his partner Raymond called in the services of a local solar control expert, a Vista™ by LLumar® dealer. After analyzing the situation, the dealer determined that Vista™ by LLumar® VS70, a spectrally selective window film, would be the best solution. The film is designed to allow sunlight to shine brightly through glass illuminating interiors while taking the heat out of the sun’s rays and not impeding outside views. When installed, the film blocks more than 99 percent ultraviolet rays from penetrating the glass, helping protect against premature fading* and cuts solar heat by nearly half. The film adds to the overall safety helping hold glass in place in the event of breakage.


As the house’s term as a show house is completed, the complex will become a luxury country inn with first class kitchen and dining facilities. Hawkins House interiors and its guests will be protected with Vista installed on all the 427 windows.