Neutral Solar Window Film  Exterior
Neutral Solar Window Film  Interior
Neutral Solar Window Film  Interior


New York Designer Jamie Drake, ASID, is
renowned for his dedication to deep luxury,
precise detail and, above all, his mastery of
color. Just recently House Beautiful, a doyen of
home magazines, dubbed Drake as one of the
nation’s top interior designers. These unique
qualifications delightfully define his country
home on the East End of Long Island, which
literally crackles with color. Aqua stucco walls
in the foyer, Regency Stripe blue wallpaper
in the dining room, a library accented with
hand painted red coral parchment squares.
“Caribbean Sea,” “Strawberry Flesh,” and
“Lavande de Provence,” dominate guest
room decors. Bristol blue draperies and
ottoman are ignited with acid yellow chairs
and throw pillows in the living room. The 6,200
square-foot home is sheathed with spectacular
view windows that climb to a towering 27-feet
in the living room and frame sunset in the
dining alcove.

West facing walls of glass windows give the
house an indoors/outdoors ambience. However,
Drake was well aware of the accompanying
dangers of uncontrolled sunlight – heat, glare,
and damaging ultraviolet rays.

His loft-style city abode presented two
problems: early morning sun which streams
in to fade the fuchsia furnishings that give the
interior a regal feel – and an energy dilemma –
to cut down escalating air conditioning bills
in warm months.


He knew what to do. He did exactly what he
recommends to clients and promptly had
Vista™ by LLumar® (formerly UVShield®) Soft
Horizons V33 Window Film professionally
installed. Soft Horizons is an invisible solar
control film designed to meet the particular
problem of maintaining light while reducing
glare and damaging ultraviolet rays. Installed
on glass, it blocks more than 99 percent of
all ultraviolet rays, helping protect against
premature fading*and reduces glare by
nearly two-thirds.

When installing Vista film in his Hampton
home, Drake became aware of the range of
capabilities of window film. There is a Vista
window film to meet practically every glass
challenge – heat buildup and loss, glare, fading,
hot spots, security, building aesthetics, and
privacy. A range of films as broad as this
artist’s palette!


Now with Vista Soft Horizons installed on all
windows, Jamie Drake is sun-safe in both
town and country!