When Tom Wedell and Nancy Skolos, a husband and wife team of graphic designers, created their magnificent 4,000 square-foot home and studio, they looked for the very latest in building techniques to achieve an environment that glows with natural daylight. They brought together the virtues of Vista® Window Film and Kalwall® Wall Systems.


Vista™ by LLumar® Dayview Window Film is installed on all sunlit windows to reject 45% of total solar energy entering the building through the windows, reduce light transmission by 54% and block more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, helping protect against premature fading.* Kalwall Wall Systems, exterior and interior, are an integral part of the Wedell-Skolos home. Kalwall is a high-tech building element whose principal constituent is “sandwich” panels formed by bonding fiberglass translucent faces to a core of ‘I’ beams. The Kalwall Corporation leads the world in insulating, diffuse light-transmitting panel technology.


Vista window film combined with Kalwall® panels lightens the open concept living, dining, and kitchen areas of the home. Vista protected windows in combination with translucent panels, protect interior furnishings, help to conserve energy, and block less desirable outdoor scenery while focusing attention on carefully composed views of the landscaped grounds through the windows. “The glare-free, ultraviolet-protected balanced daylight is a joy to live and work in,” commented Tom Wendell.