XP (Xeroderma Pigmentosum) skin cancer is a rare and incurable genetic disorder that makes exposure to the sun, or an ultraviolet light, life threatening. Collin, a sixteen year old teenager living in sunny Arizona, is an XP patient whose daily life is challenged by the sun. To help with this daunting need for sun protection, CPFilms and its local dealer joined together to provide protection in Collin’s home, his auto transportation, and his school life. The residence is a large two-story gabled contemporary all-brick house with a multitude of windows, all of which needed to be treated in such a way as to prevent ultraviolet light from penetrating the interior. Transportation to and from high school is in a customized Ford Econoline vehicle that has full side and rear glass windows. Mesquite High School, with its vaulted ceilings and multiple panorama windows, presented a real challenge. The goal was to give protection for Collin wherever he went on a regular school day; from when he entered the school until when he left.


Vista™ by LLumar® (formerly UVShield®) V45 Dayview was installed to block more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, while still allowing light to come through. More than 1,000 square feet of film was used to help protect Collin wherever he goes within his home. The vehicle windshield also had to be protected, and special authorization from the local motor vehicles authorities was obtained. Before solar control window film was installed, Collin had to travel to school wrapped in a blanket with closed blinds on the side and rear windows. LLumar® (formerly UVShield®) AU85, a virtually clear film with high light transmission, was installed to block more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays from coming into the car through the windshield. The side and rear windows were protected from ultraviolet rays with LLumar® ATR 35 on the side windows and ATR 05 on the rear glass panel to reduce light transmission. Clear film that would totally block ultraviolet rays but would not compromise building aesthetics was requested by the school principals. LLumar® AU85 was again chosen for its high light transmission qualities, with over 1,600 square feet of film being installed. The food courts and dining areas had glass walls of window panes that had to be filmed. Because of the absolute need to block ultraviolet rays, the many ceiling lamps had to be filmed as well. The administration building too, used daily by 3000 students, had to be protected. This building also featured a glass wall of window panes which is some 15 by 70 feet in size.


Thanks to Vista and LLumar films, this XP patient is shielded from ultraviolet rays at home, on the road, and at school. Moreover, his peers are unaware of the special care that has been taken because they do not see the virtually invisible film on the windows. Most importantly, Collin now leads a more normal, happy teenage life. Whether or not you have a specific medical need like Collin, everyone needs to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.