While under 40 years of age, Sam Coker is already renowned throughout the Sunbelt for the many homes he has designed and built, from South Carolina to Texas, all stemming from his Mississippi hub. He is an architect who believes that each home he designs must reflect the individual traits of the owners. Coker designs homes that are a language of their own, yet remain family-centric and very comfortable for all occupants. A graduate of the Auburn School of Architecture, Coker gained his architectural license with the National Council of Architecture Registration Boards. He has worked with the Historical American Building Survey detailing the White House architectural specifications for filing in the Library of Congress. In Mississippi, he is known for designing spacious homes with breathtaking views. Natural materials are typically highlighted: hardwood, tile, stone or brick for the floors, many times masonry walls of brick or stone, and ceilings often enhanced by wood or even plaster vaults. Most importantly, he focuses on an over-abundance of natural light. Oversized arched, bowed and large gabled, multi-paned floor to ceiling windows are often focal points. “Being one with the site is of utmost importance; the unusual use of glass is often critical to the airy, architectural look of a home,” Coker adds. He also makes sure that his houses include solar protection to block harmful ultraviolet rays (the principal cause of fading)*, tame sun glare, and save on air-conditioning costs.


“Vista™ window film has an array of multi-performance solar control window films, and their installers are professionally trained to recommend the perfect solution in each individual situation,” states Coker. In Jackson, where it is intensely hot and sunny throughout the summer months, the recommendation usually calls for a combination of dual reflective and neutral films.


“The reality is, I know I can count on solar control film and the Vista professional to protect ‘my’ homes, keep the interiors comfortable and as good looking as the day the new owner moves in,” concludes Coker.