Kathryn Van der Kloot is a well-established residential interior designer in the metro New York area. Her clients run the gamut from Wall Street’s top corporate executives to celebrities. “Katie,” as she is known to her friends and clients, comes from a long line of interior designers with both her grandfather and grandmother being long serving members of the American Society of Interior Designers. The country’s first middle class development, the eponymous Levittown was created by and named after her grandfather William. A long-time client recently retained Katie to design a fabulous new wing in their Tuxedo Park home. The perimeter of the room was defined by twenty double width floor-to-ceiling windows topped with a glass cupola and set off by French limestone flooring. Katie’s design incorporated a unique hand carved wood statue as a centerpiece, precious Scalamandre fabrics and Asian art with a hand-made tufted multi-hued carpet and important wood tables complemented the staging. The room setting was spectacular but also vulnerable to the harmful sunlight that pours through the glass windows. Fortunately for the client, Katie is familiar with the down side of sunlight: fading caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays; uncomfortable glare and heat. Ultraviolet rays which penetrate glass, have also been associated by the medical community, with premature aging of skin as well as some skin cancers, including melanoma. “For many years, I have recommended solar control window film to my clients to protect their valuable possessions, floors and furnishings from the ravages of the sun. Since being diagnosed with melanoma three years ago, I also realize the true benefits of protecting myself and others from UV, even in the home environment.“


Working with the local Vista™ by LLumar® dealer, Katie selected a dual reflective solar control window film, Vista™ (formerly UVShield®) Nuance V48 for this project. Dual reflectance is the characteristic of a window film whose inside and outside surfaces have different visible light reflectance values. Vista Nuance film blocks more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, helping protect against premature fading.* Nuance film also reduces glare by 49 percent with only 46 percent solar heat absorptance.


“I rely on Vista window film to keep my clients’ possessions and furnishings in pristine condition. I can always feel confident of long lasting color effects of my work and the protection of room views by day and by night...while protecting occupants in their nests,” states Kathryn Van der Kloot.