Paradise Regained in a Penthouse


This Manhattan penthouse in a luxury apartment building provides panoramic cityscape views, including a spectacular look at the Empire State Building. Massive windows and skylights make the unique skyscraper views possible.

A city lover basks in the nighttime views, but the midday sun is practically unbearable, as the sun’s damaging rays stream in. Furthermore, besides allowing uncomfortable heat and glare in, ultraviolet sun rays contributes to fading of furnishings and woodwork.


“How to enjoy the views, protect the interiors, and live in comfort?” becomes the question of the day. And the answer is “tactical use of solar control window film”. Vista by LLumar Ultima Film, fitted on the 40 sixteen square-foot skylights, reduces solar heat within the area by 77 percent and the sun’s glare by 89 percent. And the Vista by LLumar Nuance film, installed on the more than 50 window panels, cuts the heat and glare by approximately half while maintaining the unique city views.


Both solar control window films block more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, helping protect against premature fading.* The sun’s ultraviolet rays are primarily responsible for the fading of furnishings, carpets, wallpaper, wood and artwork.

In addition to heat and glare reduction and ultraviolet ray protection, the installed films provide the corollary benefit of lower utility costs for air conditioning and wintertime home heat.