Reducing Heat and Glare in Atlanta


The owners of this beautiful, 11,000 square-foot (1022 square meters), custom home in Atlanta had been struggling to find a solution to reduce the glare and heat buildup. In an effort to keep the home cool, they were regularly running six air conditioners, but their efforts could not eliminate the presence of numerous hot and cold spots.


Wanting to preserve a beautiful view of their pool and landscaping, the homeowners looked for a solution that would reduce energy costs and improve comfort without obstructing their panorama. With assistance from their LLumar installer, they chose the LLumar Dual Reflective Series for its high solar performance, warm color and low interior reflection.


The homeowners chose LLumar DR-25 SR CDF and DR-35 SR CDF films to block 99% of ultraviolet radiation and reject up to 65% of total solar energy, which minimized heat buildup, increased comfort, and substantially reduced energy costs. The optical clarity of the window films also kept the beautiful outdoor view intact. So pleased were the homeowners, they now protect their vehicles and business with LLumar.