What to do when your home is finally just as you want it, with a brand new glassed-in lanai, but the sun is making life impossible and your fine furnishings and floors are fading? This was the problem facing the new owner of a heavenly home on the magical island of Maui. Since the sun shines all day and the average temperature is 85° F, being comfortable in the home and reducing sun damage becomes a real challenge.


Through the recommendation of their interior designer, a solar control expert, (the area Vista™ by LLumar® dealer) was invited to review their solar dilemma. A thorough survey of the prevailing solar conditions revealed that there were two distinct areas with differing problems. In the new lanai, the principal challenge was the heat that the sun generated. In the living and dining areas the fading of precious teak floors, furniture and furnishings were of primary concern. Both areas commanded magnificent views of the countryside and the ocean but were being jeopardized by the sun’s rays. The answer was the installation of window films that would specifically address the primary problems: Vista™ by LLumar® Luminance V28 for the inside of the glass in the lanai and Vista™ by LLumar® Crystal Elegance V58 for living and dining areas. Both films are a complex laminate of UVtreated polyester, metallic particles, and UV-absorbing adhesives which among other attributes, block more than 99 percent ultraviolet rays, helping protect against premature fading.* The films, when professionally installed on the inside of window glass, are virtually invisible and do not in any way impair views. They are both finished with a clear distortion-free scratch-resistant surfacing that is easily maintained with common cleaning products, including those that contain ammonia.


The owner enjoys glare-free views throughout the year in comfort and the fading of precious wood and furnishings is no longer a matter of concern.