Keeping the Heat Out of a Southern Kitchen


Nationally known Atlanta-based interior designer and blogger, Kristin Jackson loves the view and the natural light that streams in from her kitchen windows - focal points in the most heavily-used room in her charming bungalow. The heat and glare, however, made it difficult to fully enjoy the space.


Kristin wanted to maintain the natural light but did not want to sacrifice color or clarity. When she learned about the benefits of window film, she was delighted to team up with LLumar. An Atlanta dealer met Kristin in her home and showed her window film options that would help solve the problem with her two kitchen windows. Kristin selected Vista by LLumar Ceramic Series 45, a new product launched by Eastman in 2015. This film provided the right look and protection for Kristin and her family.


Since installation there has been a heat and glare reduction with minimal change to the interior and exterior window appearance. the film blocks 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, helping protect against premature fading.* “

I have told friends that I feel like we put a great pair of polarized sunglasses on our home,” said Kristin. “The views are crystal clear and the colors appear a little brighter.” Kristin and her family enjoy their kitchen now even more than before the window film was installed.