Jan Oden is at the helm of two successful design and construction firms, Oden-McLaughlin Homes and Oden-Hardy Construction. Her firms conceive and build new and renovated custom homes as well as retail and commercial properties. Jan’s extraordinary talents, which she attributes to her parents, enable her to compete vigorously in the male dominated construction industry. “From my parents, I inherited the ability to perceive things spatially and to implement my creative ideas from conception to completion.” To capitalize on the serene environs of the Florida Gulf and Sarasota Bay areas, Jan makes sure that every advantage is taken of the spectacular views that abound at all client projects. Her firm’s designs, which run the gamut from traditional to contemporary, frequently make use of spacious room settings and panoramic windows inviting the outside in to achieve a sense of oneness between home and landscape. Oversize windows are often an intrinsic part of the aesthetic design and yet, inevitably bring solar problems that have to be solved. Sunlight brings heat, glare, and damage to interior furnishings.


Jan is very much aware of the costly damage that can accrue to her designs through untamed sunlight. She depends on the installation of Vista™ by LLumar® solar control window film to help protect fabrics and furniture and to provide a year round day-long comfortable indoor ambience with even temperatures. “Panoramic views and Vista Window Film are a perfect duo. I can trust Vista to take care of interiors while providing my clients with indoor comfort and protection. Moreover when installed professionally, Vista films are virtually invisible, so often no one knows they are there,” says Jan. At a recent client renovation and at her own lovely home, Jan arranged for Vista™ by LLumar® V38 Mirage Safety Film to be installed to block more than 99 percent ultraviolet rays, helping protect against premature fading.*


Ultraviolet rays and heat are the principal causes of the fading of furniture, carpets, wood floors, and works of art. Vista V38 Mirage also helps reduce solar heat and glare to provide a more cool, comfortable interior. Silicone sealing was chosen to add further protection against the harsh windstorms that can occur on this Florida coastline. The film also helps hold glass fragments in place in the event of breakage. Vista window film is the clear answer to helping preserve views, improve comfort, save energy and help reduce fading.