The application of the LLumar film has enhanced the 6th floor office space and is the major contributing factor for staff now opening the blinds to enjoy the views of Sandton.


Zenprop Property Holdings’ offices are situated at 4 Sandown Valley Crescent, a six-story block with a modern contemporary style. Zenprop’s offices on the 6th floor have wonderful views of the Sandton skyline. However, staff in offices on the northern side of the building experienced a tremendous amount of glare and heat in spite of the use of tinted high-performance glass. Aluminum blinds were added and kept closed. This detracted from the aesthetics of the area and did not stop the excessive heat from passing through the glass. Staff could not enjoy the lovely view.


Zenprop approached Tanya Kuschke from Brisk Enterprises. She introduced them to the LLumar® architectural window film range, specifically designed to help reduce heat and glare and cut down on energy costs without detracting from views. Samples were installed to establish the film most suited to the building style, whilst reducing the maximum amount of glare and heat. LLumar DR-25 SR CDF, a dual-reflective film with a warm grey color, was selected. It reduces heat and glare and offers low interior reflectivity for better night view, reduces fading of interior furnishings, and increases energy efficiency.


As a result of the film on the windows, staff experience more comfort and are able to leave the blinds open to enjoy the view. With the blinds open, the whole area appears larger, lighter, and in line with the modern contemporary style of the building. Excessive heat is no longer a problem.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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