Paradise Regained


Commanding a city block of the world’s most famous beach, the Sheraton Waikiki Beach Resort, one of Hawaii’s most popular hotels, reigns over Honolulu’s glittering lights. With the gleaming Pacific and regal Diamond Head as a backdrop, the location is incomparable. Each of the 1,852 rooms comes with either an unparalleled view of white crested waves, the Ko’olau Mountains with their majestic silhouettes or downtown Honolulu’s whirling constellation of lights. More than two-thirds of the rooms directly face the Pacific.

All of the guest rooms on the south and east side of the hotel are bathed in sunlight for most of the day. Adding to the damaging effects of the direct sunlight was the harsh glare that came with the reflected light off the ocean. Beyond guest discomfort, the solar problems faced by management also included fast fading draperies and furnishings and exorbitant air conditioning costs to cope with the heat generated by the sunlight.


The solution advocated by the local Vista by LLumar dealer whose counsel on solar control was sought, was the installation of Vista by LLumar V28 Luminance film. This film would tame the damaging effects of sunlight and reduce heat buildup without in any way impairing the magnificent views that are a signature asset of the hotel. Vista Luminance, a complex thin laminate of polyester and metal particles finished with an easy-clean scratch resistant coating, cuts glare by 67 percent and solar heat by 58 percent and blocks more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, helping protect against premature fading.* The film rejects 64 percent of total solar energy at the glass surface. Sixty thousand square feet of Luminance was installed without interference to the normal hotel activities at a cost to be recovered by energy savings.


Furnishings and wood floors are now safeguarded against fading for years to come, and already hotel patrons are basking in glare-free tropical views.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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