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The Gulf Power Company is a utility headquartered in Pensacola supplying electricity throughout northwest Florida. The company provides power to 71 towns and communities serving 324,205 residences and 48,724 industrial and other customers.

The headquarters’ building is a dramatic five-story 250,000 square foot complex overlooking the blue waters of Pensacola Bay. Green butted windows, which are an integral element in the building design, provide waterscape views throughout nearly all of the offices and conference rooms.

Sue Markham, ASID, Senior Building Administrator for Gulf Power, recently undertook the refurnishing of the sixteen year old building, using top quality multicolored carpeting and fabrics to create a new fresh modern interior.

As an interior design professional, Sue was aware of the need to protect the new furnishings from the inevitable fading that would come with uncontrolled sunlight. She knew that the ultraviolet band of the sun’s spectrum is primarily responsible for fading and that these damaging rays could be virtually eliminated with window film.


Sue contacted the local Vista by LLumar dealer with the requirements for the project: the sun’s glare reflected from the bay waters and ultraviolet light entering the building must be substantially reduced by the use of solar control film without blocking light from entering the building. Moreover the building’s exterior appearance should remain unaltered.

Vista Nuance film was selected and installed on over 900 windows, 25,000 square feet of glass in all. The Vista film blocks more than 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays at the glass surface, helping protect against premature fading* and reduces the sun’s glare by 49 percent without impairing the scenic views day or night. Furthermore, with harsh glare gone, computer screens no longer need to be sheltered to be read, meaning that work can be accomplished and views enjoyed simultaneously.


Thanks to Vista V48 Nuance, the carpeting and furnishings are now protected from sun damage, views are preserved, working conditions are greatly improved, and the building aesthetics are enhanced. All requirements well met!

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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