All Is Right At The Wright House


Frank Lloyd Wright is one of America’s greatest architects. Between 1886 and 1959, nearly 500 of his buildings were constructed, of which 359 remain: 11 are in Ohio. The Louis Penfield House is one. Set on 30 acres along the Chagrin River, the Penfield House was designed with a concept intended to bring affordable elegant housing to the average American. All of Wright’s houses are unique to each landscape and each client; the Penfield House is no exception. Wright was short in stature and believed “anyone over six feet tall was a weed!” Accordingly, most of his designs incorporated low entryways and ground-hugging rooflines. Louis Penfield was 6 feet 8 inches tall and challenged Wright to design a home to accommodate his height. The resulting house clearly reflects Louis Penfield’s stature. Built in 1955 of wood, glass and concrete block; it has a twelve foot ceiling in the living room, eight foot passageway doors and narrow vertical glass panes two stories high.


In the course of a recent renovation, the project architect recognized that since there was no air conditioning (and could never be because of the building construction), the sun’s heat in the summer time would be intolerable. This was especially the case in the living room where floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows are a dominate feature. To solve the problem, the architect called in the services of a local solar control window film expert, a Vista by LLumar dealer.

Following a detailed study of the environment, Vista by LLumar VS70, a spectrally select film was determined to be the best solution. This film is designed to allow sunlight to shine brightly through glass, illuminating interiors while taking the heat out of the sun’s rays and not impeding outside views. When installed, the film cut solar heat by 45 percent and blocked more than 99 percent ultraviolet rays from penetrating the glass, helping protect against premature fading*.


The renovated Penfield House is cooler and safer, thanks to Vista by LLumar Window Film, and what is more, no one will be able to detect the presence of the film on the windows. The Louis Penfield House is available to the public for vacation rentals and special events. For more information on the house visit its website at: For more information on the film that will protect this house for years to come, contact a Vista dealer.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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