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The solar problem faced by the management of the Embassy Suites Resort on Kaanapali Beach in Maui was underscored by the discomfort experienced by guests in the Presidential Sky-Top suite; although many of guests in the complimentary luxury suites were similarly afflicted. The Presidential Sky-Top suite, as its name implies, is positioned atop a spectacular high-rise building located on Maui’s most famous beach, where the sun shines all day long and the temperature averages 85°F year round. The suite features oversized glass wrap-around windows which allow the sun’s heat and destructive rays to pour in all day, creating intolerable conditions. It was hot, air conditioning bills were excessive, glare impeded breathtaking views, and the fine colors of the suite’s furnishings, draperies, and floors quickly faded away.


What to do? Working with the area Vista by LLumar dealer, a solar control specialist, management decided the solution lay in window film. To be specific, Vista by LLumar Luminance V28, a complex laminate of polyester, metallic particles, and ultraviolet-absorbing adhesives, installed on the inside of window glass, was chosen. This film, which is virtually invisible and in no way interferes with the view, is expressly engineered to block ultraviolet light and reduce the amount of the sun’s heat and glare that passes through untreated glass. The film comes with a clear distortion-free scratch-resistant finish that is easily cleaned with common cleaning products, including those that contain ammonia. Vista Luminance solar control specifications yield a 64 percent reduction in total solar energy, blocks more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, helping protect against premature fading*, with a 67 percent glare reduction, and 58 percent heat rejection.


Management chose to film all the sunlit windows of the luxury suites. Thirty six thousand square feet of film was installed without interference with the daily activities of the resort so that all the guests now enjoy their suites in comfort and free of the sun’s glare. The Embassy resort benefits from the protected furnishings that are safe from fading for years and can look forward to recouping costs from energy savings generated by reduced air-conditioning demands.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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