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Biosphere 2 is an eight-story steel and glass world set in the high desert country of southern Arizona that cost $200 million to build. Construction of Biosphere 2 (so named because its creators viewed Earth as Biosphere 1) began in 1984, financed by Texas businessman Edward P. Bass. The aim was to have human inhabitants thrive in a miniature world made of a sea, savanna, mangrove swamp, rain forest, desert and farm; the areas and atmospheres interacting to form a totally independent life support system. It is one of the leading attractions in Arizona with hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Under the auspices of Columbia University (and University of Arizona as of 2011), it is an earth learning center dedicated to research, education and public programs. The habitation area in which eight men and women, the original Biospherians, were encapsulated for two years has been sealed off and transformed into a highly informative visitor center, full of exhibits on climactic change. The sun’s rays pouring through the huge multi-paned geodesic domed visitor center, which is the public hub of Biosphere 2 caused a real problem. Heat and glare made it uncomfortable for thousands of visitors resulting in less than full enjoyment of the exhibits.


Solar control window film was the clear solution to the problem. Mr. Philip Lemanski, Chief Financial Officer for Biosphere 2, chose Vista™ by LLumar® Luminance to do the job. Vista Luminance substantially reduced glare in the building and rejected the total solar energy usually transmitted through the glass by 64 percent. Vista Window Film was also installed in the Center’s computer room which significantly increased efficiency by taking sun glare off the screens and facilitated data reading.


“The absence of glare and the cool temperate climate in the exhibit center has immeasurably added to the enjoyment of our visitors and encouraged them to spend more time viewing the exhibits,” Mr. Lemanski remarked, “We are very pleased with our choice of Vista Window Film.”

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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