Protection For Biedenharn Museum


The Biedenharn Museum needed to maintain the pristine character of its irreplaceable works of art and “objets d’art” without impeding its grand garden views. The museum was originally the home of Joseph Biedenharn, popularly known in Monroe as “Uncle Joe,” the first person to bottle Coca- Cola in 1894. Biedenharn’s innovative bottling venture affected not only the world of business, but also the fine arts world by making possible the realization of the dreams of his musically talented daughter, Emma Louise, whose endeavors he encouraged and underwrote.

The Coca-Cola industry, built upon the foundation he laid, stands as a memorial to his contribution to the world of trade. The Biedenharn Museum stands as a memorial to his support of the arts. Naturally, the museum, which was Biedenharn’s home for most of his adult life, is full of irreplaceable Coca-Cola memorabilia and Emma Louise’s art and musicale artifacts.

A Vista by LLumar dealer who was very familiar with the museum pointed out to the curators that the sunlight flowing through the windows was causing damage to the interior furnishings. The curators had been concerned for a while but did not know what to do to provide solar protection and yet maintain the views of the beautiful gardens surrounding the property.


It was decided that Vista by LLumar Nuance be installed on the windows to block more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, to help protect against premature fading.* The film, when installed, rejects almost half of the total solar energy and reduces heat and glare.


The windows, with Vista film in place, no longer imperil the magnificent 1923 Steinway grand piano in the music room, silk covered panels and art in the dining room, and Coca-Cola mementos and precious furnishings throughout the museum. Furthermore, the clear views through the windows are unaffected by the “invisible” film. Uncle Joe would be pleased that his legend is protected!

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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